Raj and Suzanne welcome you to
A Way of Life

Welcome old friends and new...to a Way of Life

What a journey - 14 plus years of publishing a spiritual magazine, holding events, our own workshops and creating tours for ourselves and various spiritual teachers around the world all with a desire to discover the truth for ourselves, it seems that in some context we succeeded.

Four years ago we had the fulfillment of our desire to discover a pthway to a relationship with God through the teachings of Jesus.  We met him re-incarnated here in Australia, known as Alan John Miller, or AJ.  You may of already heard about him, if you want to know a little more about him - click here

It was as big a surprise for us, as it may be for you, possibly a similar challenge to even consider, and to accept.  Yet, we have spent the time since our first encounter exploring what he is teaching, endeavoring to apply that in our own life and witnessing the development of the most exciting and life changing potential, that Jesus and his partner, Mary are creating for humanity for the second time.
Among these pages you will find many aspects of 'A Way of Life' that we have been fortunate to become involved with in our desire to be of service; our 7 year Bali College adventure, the spiritual tours we manage, Living Values Australia, and now, most importantly, the extension of Jesus teachings through the publishing of his seminars and interviews.

This site supports not only the means to reconnect to God as our priority for our soul growth, but seeks to practically assist others in finding their way through the physical changes that are coming to us, recognising that the most loving thing is to be aware of this and responsibly prepare as best we can through a resource base of helpful information.
This then is the purpose of this website, our personal journey that we would like to share with you, into A Way of Life.

Raj & Suzanne

December, 2013:    Where are we now……?

Home again after an amazing seven weeks in Italy managing Patti Cota Robles tour of 91 people.  What a wonderful experience Rome, Assisi, Florence and Venice.  Then a few days to gather ourselves alone then to Canada and three weeks weeks with our grandchildren before returning to Australia and the engagement of a new and exciting project.

The new project?  Really exciting and exactly what we feel we are here for: Establishing the publishing arm of Divine Truth with some 150 books in the pipeline waiting to go into print.  Now we canl offer the first 76 titles, able to print ourselves as ordered as ‘on demand’ basis.  The books are A5 format, paperback size ranging from 36 – 65 pages with titles covering the many seminars, interviews and FAQs given by Jesus (AJ Miller) in the past four years.  Subjects covering hitherto unknown depths of Love and Truth about God, God’s Laws and the way Universe is structured, the truth about life after death, the responsibility we have now in the physical and what to expect when we die.  Most importantly, the truth about our Soul, what it is and the opportunity for our individual relationship with God.  What an excirting project to have found ourselves involved in - please come and have look around.

All these books are available free – postage only, from our new website: www.divinetruthpublishing.com

Please come in and browse - you are most welcome.

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